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Chocheli Fine Art Atelier

Testimonies of Students and Parents




“Not only was Niko successful in developing my son's initial rudimentary artistic talents, but he also evoked a passion for a life-long career in the field of art... I especially admire Niko's insistence for discipline and practice, skills transferable to all worthy endeavors of tile...Niko not only taught Ryan about line, color, and composition, but he also taught Ryan about life.”


-Kathleen Woodbridge, parent of former student Ryan Woodbridge, 2010 BFA graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.




"I have personally found my niche in both 2D and 3D animation, along with a continued study in painting. No matter how powerful a piece of software is (Photoshop Maya, and Final Cut), there is nothing a program can do to teach you aesthetic decisions. This is where it it becomes invaluable to have someone like Niko on your side. Whether you are studying still images or moving images, they both follow the same rules of composition, which is the first thing that Niko ever taught me. I soon began to see simple mistakes that I was making. Niko worked with me until these mistakes were overcome by hard work that eventually became habit... One class with Niko already gives you an advantage. He makes sure to schedule students in a way that gives each student the most amount of attention… Taking lessons with Niko has been, for me, one of the most overall comforting experiences in my life. No matter what pressure seemed to bare down on my teenage life, it was always lifted with a pen, some ink, and an encouraging smile…"


-Ryan Woodring 2010 Bachelor of Fine ArB graduate, Carnegie Mellon University




“Walking into Niko's art studio for the first time convinced me that we were home. His gentle yet firm approach to teaching provided a comfortable sense of what we were looking for. As my daughter's mentor, Niko encouraged her to become confident with each new art technique. He communicated everything so well that when she came home from her art lessons she was so proud to show everyone the the new things she accomplished... Learning the techniques of art requires someone with the experience that Niko holds.”


-Evelyn Walsh, Parent



“Mr. Chocheli's teachings have been instrumental not only in my growth as an artist but as a human being... Mr. Chocheli makes it his mission to instill his passion for art in each of his students... Each student is personally attended to, and Mr. Chocheli strives for every individual to reach his or her potential as a skilled artist.”


-Kathleen Brier student at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



“To say finding him has been like finding rare treasure is not an overstatement. Not only is he highly skilled in his own light but also he shares his passion for art very freely in the classroom setting, and it is a very rich and rewarding environment. Grace has grown immensely while working with Niko. He is a man of character and integrity, and you could safely entrust your son or daughter there while ensuring they would receive careful instruction and training that would prepare them for a future as an artist... Stepping into his classroom is like stepping onto the master's shoulders, giving a firm foundation for all artistic endeavor with a heart for beauty and excellence."


-Colleen Isabell, parent of Grace Isabell, former student



"The lessons that I took at the Chocheli school not only went above and beyond any art requirements given to me or anything I could have received elsewhere, but Niko as a teacher also helped me to decide that I did indeed want to pursue a career as an artist. The personal instruction received at his school is key for anyone who is serious about wanting to study art... One of the things I most appreciate about learning from Niko is that he is a teacher who not only teaches a student what they should be doing, but he shows them as well. His talent as an artist is incredible, and by watching him instruct on how to use various mediums, my own confidence has grown... l would highly recommend Niko for anyone interested in the fine arts, and know that you will receive one of the highest quality art educations available, as well as an excitement for the arts that will make your studies a joy."


-Grace Isabell, student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts



“Being modern does not consist in looking for something different from everything that has been done. On the contrary, it consists in coordinating everything that former ages have given us to demonstrate how our century has accepted that heritage and how we use it."


Gustave Moreau






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