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Chocheli Fine Art Atelier

 The Chocheli School of Fine Arts Portfolio Preparation Program


The significance of a visual portfolio can not be underestimated in an aspiring artist's or designer’s career. The leading institutions of art education consider a prospective student's portfolio to be paramount if not equal to SAT scores.

The Chocheli Portfolio Program is a unique comprehensive program that can equip the serious, college bound student of Art or Design with an award-winning portfolio that can earn top scholarships to the leading schools of Art, Design, or Architecture. With diligence, hard work, and the individualized guidance of Niko Chocheli, a dedicated student has the best chance to learn incomparable skills; skills that will not only create a portfolio of excellence that will impress any school, but that will also serve their career and soul as well. Applying for admission to any college can be nerve-wracking; presenting an original visual portfolio can be even more so. One of the hallmarks of Niko Chocheli's school is the supportive atmosphere that each student enjoys, which helps them to remember the reason they wanted to pursue art or design in the first place,


The Chocheli Portfolio Program has helped students to win thousands of dollars in scholarships and admission to the finest Art colleges in the United States. Every graduate, without exception, has created an admission portfolio that has placed them far out in front of the average applicant in the eyes of these schools, as their scholarships and their letters of acceptance testify.




The Chocheli Fine Art Atelier Portfolio Preparation Program Testimonials

"... Ryan, through Niko, assembled a noteworthy portfolio and was a recipient of this (the Pennsylvania Governor's School) scholarship, and was the first student at Central Bucks West to receive such an honor in over twenty years…. Ryan developed a portfolio which allowed him to get into every art school and college that he applied to during his senior year of high school. Ryan received monetary scholarships at the Maryland Institute College of Art (M/CA), and Lalayette College to stucrr art. He got into Vassar College, Tuits University where he could study art at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston... Ultimately, Ryan chose Carnegie Mellon where his portfolio was 50 percent of his admission to the University. Ryan had many choices and places to study art after high school and I strongly believe Niko’s influence was part of the reason.”


-Kathleen Woodring, parent of former student Ryan Woodring, 2010 BFA graduate of Carnegie Mellon University



“... Niko is a wealth of knowledge from not only guiding my daughter through her art, but also by directing her through the process of applying to college as an art major. Based on the portfolio that she created with Niko she was accepted to the Art School at Penn State University while doing what she loves to do and achieving a college degree as well.” More to come soon...


-Evelyn Walsh, Parent



More to come soon...


MorMore to come soon...




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